Mad Donald Trump - Pekingese Negotiator

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#1 Mad Donald Trump - Pekingese Negotiator

Postby kuhl » Sat Apr 08, 2017 6:07 pm

Mad Donald Trump - Great Pekingese Negotiator or Mexican Chihuahua in disguise?

How long morons in US will believe that a lying prick insane Donald Trump (to the left) is Great Negotiator even thou the evidence says otherwise? First Mexico told degenerate Donny to go fuck yourself, then American Courts, his own Republican Party wouldn't give him repeal deal and now Chinese President Xi Jinping (to the right) put an author of the Art of the Deal on short leash to teach American Idiot President a negotiation lesson.

In picture below President of Mexico is to the left and Chihuahua Donald Trump is to the right

Trump is "Great negotiator", really?

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