Joe Manchin - Republican Party Darling

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#1 Joe Manchin - Republican Party Darling

Postby kuhl » Tue Feb 23, 2021 1:36 am

Joe Manchin - Republican Party Darling

Freaking cockroach Joe Manchin had no problems to cast his votes for Supreme Court nominees Brett Kavanaugh, Amy Coney Barrett, William Barr to be attorney general, Mike Pompeo to be secretary of state, John L. Ratcliffe for Office of the Director of National Intelligence, dickhead Joe voted to confirm Richard Grenell, Trump's mirror reflection, to the post of U.S. ambassador to Germany and yet he has problems with confirming Neera Tanden.

Really? Are you kidding me? Give me a brake. Earth worm have more integrity than cockroach Joe Manchin. Richard Grenell, eh? What happened Joe, Hitler told you to go fuck yourself? Hey jerk off, let me remind you that you're still a Democrat, you fucking rat.

Old proverb says: God help me rid me of my friends so I can rid of my enemies, or who needs enemies with friends like Joe Manchin. I can bet Joe is a Republican who is playing both sides , undeniable fact based on the way he is behaving since he got elected to Senate. Supporting Trump. half of the time voting with Republican Senators, making Democrat sweating how he would vote next time, voting against his own party interests.

What proof do you need Democrats to grasp that you would be better of if Joe Manchin switched parties and would help Democrats by voting with you when it really counts.

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#2 Re: Joe Manchin - Republican Party Darling

Postby Bearta » Mon Dec 20, 2021 1:28 pm

You can't do what, you fucking cockroach?
To be a human being?
To stop being another Nazi republican?

Fucking mugged Joe Manchin for whom basic human well-being and survival doesn't creates any problems. Taking away an opportunities from American children and mothers, old people, disable, deny healthcare, glasses, dental, eyes and home care for poor and needy... what else your sick motherfucker's mind won't do?

And to you Mister and Miss America, fuck you too. Since Bush's Iraq lie Republicans wouldn't stop lying to your stupid faces and yet you can't grasp who are your real enemies. Your deep inside Nazi Joe is result of what Republicans propagating in your beloved America right under your noses for 20 years now without any resistance from 70% of capable to do nothing else but to blabbering how much good you would be doing for country and yet when you got control over of all 3 governing institutions, you do what no one in the world can grasp why, you're fighting each other without really caring about your country and your future generations.

So Democrats, if you want to blame someone, them blame yourselves for creating monster among your herd of useless hypocrites. Joe Manchin is paying back to party he can't stand and country he is hating so much he is willing to sacrifice it

To answer your question what "he can't do", he can't mascaraed any-longer who he really is. He hates blacks, colored, Hispanic and every not white soul who are existing in his white America as much if not more as his mentor and philosophical leader Trumpler, Duke and his white KKK supremacist brotherhood. Don't be fooled by Joe Manchin and Sinema sweet talks about how much they are caring about preserving voting rights which are used as covering for their real racist KKK nature. Mansion and Sinema can't hiding who they really are any-longer.

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