Hunting Elephant with Revolver

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#1 Hunting Elephant with Revolver

Postby Ras-Putin » Fri Feb 23, 2018 2:16 pm

After watching tragicle events which left even Russians sadden because ot killing of 17 school children and teachers, it'3 just hard to believe what politicians are trying to bury real problem ot top of still warm bodies of needlesly gone somebodies sons, douthers, loved and charished young lives.

Somehow it's easy to understand given that "leader"of country of stupids (according to Bill Maher) insane Donald Trump have the most redicuals idea only idiots like him can like. How stupid you have to be to believe that arming teachers with guns, most likely hand guns, that would make some derenged killer even more angreer and commited than before he went on rumpage would care about teacher have a gun, which is like trying to kill an elephant with revolver.

Please someone explain to that stupid fuck (хуесос = cocksucker) Donald Trump that people who are taking on arms, use cars, pipe bombs, knifes to mass kill have only one thing on their mind, TO DIE for stuff they are believing the most and greater for them than life itself.

So, fucking moron Trump, if you realy want to do something for your compadres Americans, then make sure no semi-automatic gun will be ever sold in your country, which BTW in our Russian oppinion you have hate so much that destroing it fullfil your greatest dream since you were 10 years old or about 2 years ago. Anything less than that... well, get ready to bury more of for you asshole "somebody else children"

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