Putz Donald Trump - Fat Pig

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#1 Putz Donald Trump - Fat Pig

Postby kuhl » Mon May 14, 2018 1:28 pm

Putz Donald Trump Fat Pig

Undoubtedly food doesn't make us smarter but if we are what you eat, then Donald Trump is a bona fide pig. Only pig would enjoy to chew from steak with ketchup to meatloaf sandwiches so would insane Donald Trump.

Degenerate Tramp known for eating pizza and KFC with a knife and fork, inventing items on the McDonald's menu, and skinning pizza before eating it and that is just a few of the times Trump has managed to turn the simple task of eating into something only pigs who are definitely have very little taste in food they are eating, would do.

Well fat boy Donald, there is good reason why pigs would never ask to judge cannoly competition.

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