Rudy "Dracula" Giuliani Bubble

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#1 Rudy "Dracula" Giuliani Bubble

Postby kuhl » Thu May 03, 2018 12:09 am

Rudy "Dracula" Giuliani lost all his marbles

Well Donald "Putz" Trump, it looks like your trusted and apparently lost his fucking mind, freshly hired legal adviser Rudy Giuliani just thrown you out from the top of your Trump Tower.

I always knew that Sean Hannity interviews only stupid, crazy, seeking attention and would spread lies like monkey would spreed shit all over their faces and sometimes his show would offer special treats like interview with special moron's patent holding ex human-being Rudy Giuliani.

To make long story short... Donald "Putz" Trump better throw yourself on a mercy of the Court and beg the Judge to lock you and then melt the key because, if you had 0.001% chance to get away with your stupid face slap, Rudy "Dracula" Giuliani interview made sure judges will ask jail wardens to put you in cage with 400 pound black guy Baba for hiring idiots like Rudy on principal.

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