Media "Boycott Trump"

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#1 Media "Boycott Trump"

Postby ranter » Tue May 31, 2016 4:52 pm

Media "Boycott Trump"

No matter how much Donald Trump is spiting and shitting all over the media, fucking idiots can't get enough of it. He would point his tiny, itty bitty, dinky cock in direction of media covering his events, calling them names, agitating brain-dead followers against people who made him what he represents now but instead of turning off cameras and walk away and never giving idiot Trump a minute of free coverage, media can't wait to put motherfucker Trump in front of cameras only to get in their faces another package of insults

Few days ago I'm watching MSNBC and while conversation was around Hillary Clinton problems created by another moron Bernie, this time on Democratic side, what do you think they are playing in background... they are repeatedly playing 15 seconds montage of Donald Trump's appearances. Why? Well, because Trump is right, media is nothing but sleazy bunch he can manipulate like candies would 3 years old babies as long they can get high rating.

A drought in California... show images of cocksucker Donald Trump is eating nachos
Texas is under water... show images of cocksucking cockroach Donald Trump talking about his Vodka
Tornado has been leveled Oklahoma... show images of fucking Don feeding media with fresh pile of shit.

Stop show that imbecile on TV, talking about him in media, reading and commenting on his twits and most of all answering his phone calls and giving him free coverage, start boycotting that pig and Republican party won't need worry what to do with trump because without media, Donald Trump will fade-away in oblivion in less than a month.

Media "Boycott Trump"

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