Obama Clinton Economy - Really?

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#1 Obama Clinton Economy - Really?

Postby fastreplies » Wed May 11, 2016 10:11 am

For 7+ years Republicans relentlessly sabotaging American Economy
doing everything they can to destroy President's Obama legacy while
turning public opinion against Government under Obama's leadership.

Every time Republican Rep. opens his/her mouth first thing comes
out from it "Obama Clinton Economy" and yet totally brainless
Democrats hardly ever use facts checking when lies thrown in their
faces thus giving impression that Republicans are telling the truth.

Bill Maher call Americans "stupid" but in my opinion Democrats who
are stupid people and party that still can't get behind Obama's
recovering under the fire economy which would do even better if
Republicans would stop destroying it just to make Obama look bad.

At least Democrats learn from lying Republicans how to start every
speech, interview, twit, blog, town hall calling Republicans liars
and traitors who are responsible that there is no job bill has been
pass in Republican's controlled Congress and remind brain dead
Americans than this is not their Government is corrupt but their
Republican Reps. who would reject even Veterans Job Bill to make
sure Economy will never recover for as long as Obama is going
to occupy White House.

So, here we go Democrats, learn these words:
"Republicans are the one who're for 7 years destroying Economy"
and I promise you in November you will take back both houses
and win Presidency.
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#2 Re: Obama Clinton Economy - Really?

Postby patriot » Wed May 11, 2016 2:42 pm

Very good point. Some times I wonder if Dems have Department of Talking Points. All you hear from them is flat almost apologetic explanations instead of shouting in your face trashing mercilessly attacking words every time Republican mouthpiece start claiming "Yo' mama wears army boots" thus putting mouthpiece in defensive position and to shut-up jerk off for good.

While CNN interview one of Trump's "Ladies followers" (remember C. Manson?) puppet: ''when Trump is going to release his taxes' first words came out from her mouth: "Hillary Clinton Benghazi hearing..."

Now that what I call being organized and ready to destroy, something Democrats need to learn and to do if they would want ever to have any chance to get even near taking back Congress and Senate.

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