America - newest Banana Republic

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#1 America - newest Banana Republic

Postby kuhl » Wed Nov 09, 2016 2:38 pm

America - newest Banana Republic

Hillary Clinton got here below hearth for suggesting that 1/2 of Donald Trump’s supporters belonged in “a basket of deplorable” which include “the racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamaphobic – and so on”

Marking individuals in the sort of disparaging method is not a best approach. In any case, research has shown that Donald Trump brings out the worst traits in American citizens. Somewhere around half of Trump supporters suppose world warming is real, and twice as many Republicans are not sure in regards to the proof as they had been a year back. Hostility toward women and racial resentment correlate with Trump help close to as strongly as party affiliation. Xenophobia, misogyny, and denial of science and data are the defining characteristics of Pathological Liar Donald Trump’s candidacy.

Many are puzzled that a candidate with such almost always unpopular coverage plans and who has been endorsed via the KKK might be supported by way of over 40% of USA citizens and have a threat at profitable the presidency of the USA.

The Pathological Liar Trump's crusade slogan "Make America Great Again" suggests that he wishes to come back the nation to a few bygone era. Centered on the candidate’s phrases and his supporters’ feelings about science, women, and minorities, that generation resembles the Nineteen Fifties. The purpose is to make the united states Mad men again by reversing the growth we’ve made over the last half of century and returning the country to a 1950s generation-sort society dominated with the aid of white men.

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