U. S. of Bananaca (AKA America)

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#1 U. S. of Bananaca (AKA America)

Postby kuhl » Sat Mar 03, 2018 2:23 am

U. S. of Bananaca
(AKA America)

Welcome to U. S. of Bananaca know as America before some idiots decided that it's about time to end that worthless experiment they called Democracy and elected human wrecking ball, delusional degenerate Donald Trump as their leader.

And wrecking he did.
First of all insane Donald Trump has removed regulations created by so called enemies of GOP and NRA, which suppose to save air, water and environment for next generation of Republican loving rednecks, trailer park white trash, inbreed children and then their children so they can choke on polluted air and suck on "beautiful, clean coal".

Then bona fide imbecile Donnie Trump make sure that new tax law will make the same de groupe children and grandchildren of guns loving crowd needlessly to pay Trillions of dollars they wouldn't have to otherwise, making sure little bastards will die penniless while his family fortune gets Billions of Dollars richer.

So Bananacians, hope to enjoy your life after saboteur "favorite uncle" Donald Trump will ruin it and pray for Mueller will send your country and your children future exterminator where sun never shines, hopefully before it's too late and damages are irreparable.

Surely you will love your new Banana Republic Flag
and new Republican Party Symbol

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