Kanye West - Trump's Asshole

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#1 Kanye West - Trump's Asshole

Postby kuhl » Thu Apr 26, 2018 11:06 am

Kanye West
Trump's Asshole

Kanye West raps positive words from inside his Bubble of Delusions about his new friend jackass Donald Trump, tweeting a picture of himself wearing a "Make America Great Again" hat and criticizing former President Barack Obama.

Really Kanya, I mean, really?
If you my man, take a look in the mirror very carefully, very, very carefully, you might find what color Trump hates the most. The fact insane Trump never ask you for your birth certificate, doesn't make him less racist on contrary it makes him even more racist because your moron friend Donald hate blacks by the names like Barack Obama, Martin Luther King etc.

Just in case you are color blind and can see only face of some moron black guy, keep in mind reflection in there is you, stupid jerk-off. There is no surprise that black and white people like you can't see big picture: Insane Donald Trump is all about his mission to destroy your beloved America, your parents and grandparents has been build for centuries.

Maybe for you, Shania Twain and alike okay to have their children, only few years from now, become seek from pollution, unsafe drinking water and destroyed environment by your friend fucking pig Donald Trump but get fuck off our faces and let him to fuck you in privacy of your multi-million dollars mentions and back sits of parked in trailer park garbage dumps cars but don't expect us to forgive you your stupidity and for participation in your own country distraction.

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