Justice Anthony Kennedy ?Retirement?

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#1 Justice Anthony Kennedy ?Retirement?

Postby NatashaGold » Sat Oct 13, 2018 2:49 am

Justice Kennedy was not planning to resign next term. We know, because he had already appointed his clerks for that term. He suddenly resigned BECAUSE his son, worked for Deutsche Bank - indicted in the EU for being a conduit for money laundering for Russian Oligarchs. He resigned because his son's client - had been Donald Trump, for whom, he had arranged up to $1 billion in Deutsche Bank "loans."

These funds likely, were monies originating from Russian oligarchs connected to Putin - being laundered through the bank, with the knowledge of Kennedy's son. In other words - Kennedy's son could be esnared in the Mueller investigation - perhaps, vulnerable to indictment himself. In this eventuality, you can be certain that there will be appeals to the Supreme Court to dissipate the threat posed by the investigation.

As the father of a potential target of the investigation, Kennedy would be forced to recuse himself - leaving his son's fate to a split court. He knows that, whomever Trump brings to the court, will come with the intention of working to mitigate the effects of the, certain revelations to come. This would imply that the administration knows that something is going to break in the investigation - and soon.

It also puts all of Kennedy's judicial decision relating to Trump under a dark cloud of conflict of interest.

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