Thomas + Kavanaugh 2 Supreme Court Rapists

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#1 Thomas + Kavanaugh 2 Supreme Court Rapists

Postby kuhl » Mon Oct 08, 2018 11:36 am

Thomas + Kavanaugh
Supreme Court Rapists

Congratulation to Mr. Mrs. and Miss America for managing to prove to the World that being rapists, liars, low life and being awarded for that with chair on the Land's Highest Court not once but twice is possible only in America.

I can't believe Republicans would step so low to have

Ebony and ivory live together in perfect harmony
Side by side on the Supreme Court bench, oh Lord, why are we?

Sure, why would people who have elected self-confessed rapist degenerate Donald Trump who sexually insulted at least 19 women would be horrified, shocked, dismayed, distressed, outraged, scandalized by actions another rapist Brett Kavanaugh?

I'm sure now schmuck Donald Trump has created rapist's trifecta no one nor Mr. Mrs. and specially Miss America are safe in country where rape is awarded with the highest price which Joe Public can only dream about.

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