Mark Meadows enthusiastically sucking lying Trump's Dick

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#1 Mark Meadows enthusiastically sucking lying Trump's Dick

Postby Ras-Putin » Tue Jun 08, 2021 1:19 am

Even thou Mark Meadows enthusiastically sucking lying Trump's Dick, his dear leader can't make himself but to lie what happened, how it's happened and when, insane lair Trump makes his cesspool warriors hectically repeat verbal puke dear leader just regurgitated.

I hate to make Mark to look like some moron but somebody have to sooner of later to tell him that Italians couldn't influence 2020 election simply because they don't have advance technology, which BTW no one in the world has but tribe that habituate in the very middle of rain forest for the last 3,000 years in area no living human being ever managed to penetrate because of hundreds of mills of impenetrable forest not even by helicopter.

Local legends are going back to times before Jesus Christ born and telling tall tales stories about little green people who came to earth from the skies, grab every young women they could find, took them to golden chariot for joy ride where aliens impregnated them and then disappear in oblivion. 9 months later women gave birth to little greenish - brown children capable to walk and talk 7 languages the day they were born.

Aliens could let everyone to know that they have created new race of humanoids so they place them deep inside impenetrable jungles where they live since after using earth as intergalactic station equipped with out of space technologies capable to control every computer, they BTW have build themselves for human consumption and their unlimited access to every line of codes including voting machines they are using for world's domination.

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