Is Vladimir Putin a pedophile?

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#1 Is Vladimir Putin a pedophile?

Postby QAnon » Mon Mar 07, 2022 12:00 am

Is Vladimir Putin a pedophile?

Probably, If Alexander Litvinenko said he was then he probably is. Unless Alex had intentions of ruining Putin’s name by any claim necessary (which is possible). But seeing as Putin doesn’t have a great reputation it doesn’t seem like someone would need to accuse him of something just to make an already pretty awful guy even more awful.

Also I think there are reports of him kissing a little boys chest or something in the red square. Which seems like a very weird thing to do seeing as there is nothing in the Russian culture that involves smooching a chest.

Alexander Litvinenko claimed that Vladimir Putin had been caught on camera having sex with young boys, according to the inquiry into the spy's murder.

When the future Russian president was a student, he was filmed abusing children in a flat where another top politician had a threesome with prostitutes, Litvinenko wrote in a sensational web post.

The wild claim is recorded in Sir Robert Owen's inquiry report as part of a long list of allegations made by the assassinated spy against Mr Putin after he fled Russia and settled in Britain. Litvinenko made the accusation after the president was pictured kissing the stomach of a five-year-old boy during a walkabout in the Kremlin in June 2006.

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