Biden Says Putin Must Go

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#1 Biden Says Putin Must Go

Postby Ras-Putin » Sun Mar 27, 2022 2:50 pm

Biden Says Putin Must Go

Biden says "Putin must go" and as far as I concern, Biden should told Putin exactly where he wants him to go as every Ukrainian men and women and even child, any consciousness Russian or any decent human beings around the World would pin-point with their middle finger up whereto = "НА ХУЙ" (Go Fuck Yourself).

Everyone wish someone shafted hand grenade in Putin's ass except American Republicans who are looking for every nibble of thoughts that is coming up out of Biden's mouth. Hippocrates who somewhere in the bottom of their guts feel the same but rather to shit their pants than to say it out laud.

Somehow I feel that when nightmare Putin unleashed on Ukraine is over and God forbid Putin survive death by firing squad, Republican would lining up to kiss Putin's ass to get back what their businesses lost under sanction restrictions. Mark my words.

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