What are you waiting for Mr. Biden?

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#1 What are you waiting for Mr. Biden?

Postby Ras-Putin » Fri Mar 04, 2022 1:05 pm

Mr. Biden,

How many dead children would convince you that you are letting war criminal to tell the entire world that he is the one who is in control and not US of A nor NATO? Ah, "красная кпопка" (red button), right? Well, I will give you at least 2 reasons why you are wrong.

One, Putin doesn’t have direct access to it Two, generals who can press it, would deny to do so because they smart enough to know that next day there will be hole in Moscow and Saint-Petersburg so deep, thousands years from now people will have their bones next to Dinosaurs.

Something I can promise: Putin will push it when he find himself in a corner with nothing left to lose but jail cell, then he will take over military using his loyal internal forces, strop himself to ballistic racket and like in move Dr. Strangelove, land himself in N.Y.

No-fly zone. Let's talk about what it will do. It will make Russian Army brass change plans and to pull in hurry whatever left after destroyed from the air 40 Km of salvage not to mention thousand of sitting duck army. There will be no resistance in an air because Putin won't let NATO superiority to destroy his planes. And what about unmarked drones capable to create nightmares in ground troops minds?

Why should you believe me? Well, so far I predicted start of the war on February 23, Putin’s problems created by resistance of Kyiv and Kharkov cities citizens and clearly defined why Putin want Ukraine.

Read my posts.
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#2 Re: What are you waiting for Mr. Biden?

Postby NatashaGold » Fri Mar 04, 2022 11:40 pm

Right-on my friend. For Putin who doesn't respect his own father, Biden next to EU and NATO is less than nothing or he would never attack Ukraine in a first place. Biden is making big mistake thinking that America, EU and NATO is not in war with Russia, it's just their first battle will start in 1 or 2 months from now regardless if they are like it or not.

West is hysterical. It tight collective arms behind their backs, God forbid Putin get pissed of and do something irrational, afraid to act as a real power instead acting as bunch of nations of wusses thus making Putin to feel invincible. If Biden wants Putin's respect, then he have to tell Putin to get ready his hemorrhoid ass ready to receive extended doze of ointments, if you know what I mean.

Humor us Mr. Biden, give Putin 24 hours to stop bombard women, children, elderly or in 48 there will nothing left from Moscow and Peterborough and see if he'll dare to ignore your ultimatum. I'm not some military nuts but even I understand that war wold 3 is started at the very moment Russians started kill civilians and conflict applies only when 2 armies fight each other. Am I right Mr. Biden?

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