Psychopath Donald Trump Does it again

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#1 Psychopath Donald Trump Does it again

Postby fastreplies » Wed Aug 31, 2016 2:03 pm

In a video posted to YouTube, lying psychopath Donald Trump have provided
undeniable proof that his Trump Tower's doorman is smarter than his boss.

Of course for army of bona fide idiots who are blindly following their
Leader from Hell words he has been vomiting out from his cesspool
mouth as good as gold but as to rest of us... God help America if
degenerate Trump become your President.

Hillary Clinton's server disks were wiped, using software called Bleach Bit
but because no one told degenerate Trump that, this is what he told his
audience in Everett, Washington:
"And not only that, she BLEACHED which somebody said they'd never even heard of," Trump blithered. "In a very expensive fashion, used chemicals so that nobody will ever be able to see them."

Don't believe me... well, see for yourselves



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