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#1 Clueless Bitch Roseanne

Postby NatashaTowly » Sun Apr 08, 2018 3:02 pm

I wish somebody would take some time to explain to clueless bitch Roseanne the difference between "free healthcare" and "free access to health care", the one people of Canada has been enjoying.

Of course Canadians are paying for health care but not in a way people with bed bugs mentalities like Roseanne can grasp it. If Roseanne would take her time, shake her fat ass and use whatever she is hiding behind her stupid scull, she would learn that health care in Canada is possible because every Canadian is putting their 2 cents in communal coffer.

I'm sure stupid bitch Roseanne would appreciate have her Doctor's visits, MRI, KGS and CT scan, blood work and then $100,000.00 or more surgeries and virtually endless list of other health services including home visits by nurses, home cleaning and food preparation help while you're recovering Canadians don't have to worry how they are going to pay, she would change her American Anthem tune and... God forbid, decide to immigrate to Canada.

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