Obama's Economy is out Trump's in

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#1 Obama's Economy is out Trump's in

Postby MatthewMann » Fri Feb 09, 2018 1:30 pm

“I have news for you Mr.Trump, you’re going down.”

In the last year, even before stepping in the Oval Office, Trump claimed
that economy, jobs and market movements were achievements of his presidency
and 8 years of Obama’s were nothing but disaster, myth created initially by GOP
so they could blame Obama while sabotaging every effort he would made to rebuild
economy he have inherited from GOP and Bush administration.

Brainless genius Trump couldn’t grasp that one year of his “economic success “
has been a curtsy of inertia created by Obama’s economy. Now, after stock market
has lost 3,000 points in 3 days, it signals to delusional Trump that his time to brag is over.
Guess, who he blames for stock market loses...Obama, of course.

After one year of Obama's economy boost, honeymoon for Trump is over and now
we will be watching how the stupidest of ever lived Presidents destroys this country,
which his supporters hate so much.

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