Paul Ryan's Personal Bubble of Delusions

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#1 Paul Ryan's Personal Bubble of Delusions

Postby kuhl » Thu Apr 12, 2018 2:32 am

Paul Ryan's Personal
Bubble of Delusions

Run Ryan, run, run like that little noisy dog who you really are in oblivion where your fucking ass is belong and take with you your lifetime achievement, tax break, give away your reach owners generously paid for and finally got it. Well, rumors around the Hill, Paul Ryan is in fact the latest Republican house speaker and the last one.

I hope you never have restful night in your life after making life of millions poor American even more miserable than it is thank you to your rotten Republican Party and wake up sweating from nightmares where giant calculator is adding 13 Trillions Dollars your children, their children and children of their children are going to pay because of your fucking moronic idealism as unrealistic as believe your to the bone deviant GOP will survive.

And now some musical "farewell" you had truly deserve

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