Let me remind you

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#1 Let me remind you

Postby fastreplies » Sat Mar 05, 2016 3:13 am

100 years ago another socialist by the name Mr. Ulyanov better known as Lenin, call to Revolution Proletarier aller Länder vereinigt Euch! believing he knows all the answers, has definite solutions and bag full of remedies guaranteed to work and today we’ll know how his Bubble of Delusions have ended.

I wonder if Bernie Sanders knows that having ideas even the best of them are as far from converting them into the final product as peaceful coexistence between Democrats and Republicans. Maybe Bernie can make 3 eggs omelette with 2 eggs, or talk to whales, or hold breath for 10 minutes under water but I can bet he can’t talk to Republican Congress and Senate, not to mention they won’t pay attention to what he’s saying. Example: President Obama.

Yes, Bernie can’t be bought by Lobbyist and special interest money but Congress and Senate both Democrats and Republicans can’t get enough of green staff and given that there will be Bernie’s unused share left, Lobbyist will make sure Congress and Senate will bury “stinking socialist” Bernie and his “ideas” deeper than Jimmy Hoffa buried.

Ah, but Bernie is hoping to take back Congress and Senate… well, in his dreams and not until and at least Democrats wake up from hibernation, apathy, skepticism and grasp that if they don’t get their act together an try to change balance of power, their children soon enough start recite Creationism.

There is very good reason why pigs never judge kanolies competition
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#2 Re: Let me remind you

Postby kuhl » Mon Mar 21, 2016 1:22 pm

There is Yiddish word which in my opinion fully applicable to Barnie Sanders: "alter kaker".

We all have the most stubborn grandpas who know what is good for us even thou they still live in 60ties (running to TV to change channels) but never give up even after learning the new reality.

Normal people would accept their loses and go away but this old idiot has no idea that he is have to quit and stop damaging Hillary's chances to win presidency.

Who needs Republicans when Barnie is around?

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