Trump, Sanders, ISIS

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#1 Trump, Sanders, ISIS

Postby fastreplies » Sun Apr 10, 2016 12:50 pm

Trump, Sanders, ISIS if you think about what are behind their hold on supporters, you could be surprised that these 3 have a whole lot in common. They all attract devoted, one can say fanatical, followers who would believe any lies and won’t think twice if they were told that the skies are falling.

ISIS propaganda is preying on young uneducated, unemployed, penniless, single men who never had girlfriends promising them wife, money, job, power for nothing more in exchange but fanatical loyalty and an opportunity to die for jihadist cause combined with lies of 72 virgins and the rest of garbage promised by Holy Book of Islam Qur’an.

Trump and Sanders both making promises they know that intelligent and more-less capable to think straight people would reject so Trump and Sanders propaganda are preying on idealists, dreamers, basement philosophers, professional protesters and as Trump once said “not so educated” or in plain English: stupid, morons, imbeciles, rednecks who would believe that “the wall” will solve every problem, Students will get free education, jobs lost to China and to Trade agreements will come back, everyone will get free Medicare, Mexico will be paying for the wall, chicken in every pot and so on, endless line of lies both of these two Clowns know as achievable as male’s pregnancy.

Like it or not but given that third of American people are following bona fide liars even after their lies were exposed explains why a bunch of people in the Middle East are willing to die and in America we all know empty pledges made by shameless snake oil salesmen anyone who is using brain would not stand behind suggested impracticality and would be embarrassed even to talk about child like political posture of 2 lairs so deeply rooted in minds of so many.

So, in conclusion, there is no doubts in my or anyone who can see the irony of narrow-minded people with mentality of voter of Russia and North Korea, like that cohort of rats driven by sorcerers to their demise would consciously follow leaders who can't deliver on promises even Putin or Kim Jong Un wouldn't dare to make.

Somebody, please tell your fellow Americans that they are following a couple of pathological liars Trump and Sanders one of which is Donald Carnival Barker and another a everybody has and "loves" Senile Uncle Bernie.

There is very good reason why pigs never judge kanolies competition
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