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#1 Socialist Bernie Sanders

Postby fastreplies » Mon May 30, 2016 9:47 am

Please somebody explain to senile Bernie Sanders that the only reason he is doing better
in polls against insane Donald Trump is because insane Donald never yet have opened his
cesspool mouth letting Bernie doing something he, insane Donald would never ever achive
no matter how much and how hard he would tried, mercilessly to dismantle Hillary.

First time insane Donald Trump is open his mouth and introduces "Socialist Bernie Sanders",
senile Bernie's polls would plummet down below much-up between insane Donald Trump
and mass murderer Adolf Hitler.

Mark my word, honeymoon will be over the moment Hillary Clinton become official nominee
of Democratic Party but if Bernie thinks insane Donald Trump couldn't mix him with dirt more
viciously, I have news... after election is over, Democrats will shred senile Bernie Sanders
piece by piece using crosscut paper shredder.

There is very good reason why pigs never judge kanolies competition
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