Is idiot Donald Trump negotiator???

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#1 Is idiot Donald Trump negotiator???

Postby kuhl » Tue May 08, 2018 1:01 pm

Is illegitimate president licensed idiot Donald Trump negotiator???

For years lying prick Trump is claiming to be the best in the "Art of the Deal" and that he is a greatest businessman and genius negotiator in reality is nothing more than a Putz who won't negotiate ice cube in the middle of North Pole.

Facts and life has been proven him being totally incompetent moron who is using falsehood and easily exited carnival crowd which would believe that everything lying carnival snake oil salesman is offering for sale nothing less but real mccoy.

Of course if trailer parks white trash, rednecks and mental patience could grasp reality, they would ask themselves: how come great nagotiat0r can't negotiate any loans and why no bank in America wouldn't borrow putz Donald idiot Trump a penny? They would ask, how come in one and a half years of lying putz Trump's presidency, he has fail to negotiate even one deal starting with Mexico? Why great negotiator would put his tail between his legs like that little bitch he is and run to his master Kim Jong-un first time Jong-un blown his whistle, putz Don has spread his ass chicks begging Jong-un to fuck him?

Well, lying putz Don's art is very simple, every cockroach can do if he have bunch of cockroaches and sent them to annoy someone till person simply give up just to go away form idiot Trump and to go back to normal life, technique moron Donny can't use when he is facing countries that see him as a weak minded imbecile. Lying prick Donald Trump is not negotiator and never been one, he just assumed that role of negotiator personality as another big shot role in Apprentice show to hide his worthless real himself behind so he could fool the public.

It's time for American send lying idiot Trump where he is belong and far, far away from White House.

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