Lindsey Graham - sucking Trump's cock

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#1 Lindsey Graham - sucking Trump's cock

Postby kuhl » Sat Sep 29, 2018 12:42 pm

Lindsey Graham - sucking Trump's cock

We don't have to ask Lindsey - how Trump's cock taste, because we already know the answer. Based on frequency of times Lindsey Graham is going back for more, he can't get enough and Kavanaugh's hearing is undeniable proof of that.

Understandable Lindsey Graham jerking himself of hoping his new boyfriend Donny will replace his old cocksucker Attorney General of the United States Jeff Sessions with Lindsey and for that, putz Donald Trump don't have to put whip cream and cherry on top of his cock to make Lindsey Graham to suck it.

Hey Lindsey, let me remind you something you have said.

Well Lindsey, bone appetite.

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