The President Mushroom Dickhead Donald Lying Trump

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#1 The President Mushroom Dickhead Donald Lying Trump

Postby kuhl » Thu May 30, 2019 6:30 pm

The President Mushroom Dickhead Donald Lying Trump - how impenetrable is he?

Well, even if Bob Mueller told to insane Donald face that he have no doubts in his mind that illegitimately elected by Russians, Putin's stooge Trump is guilty in abstracting justice and he has undeniable proofs that will put idiot Trump in jail, degenerate Donald would still claiming that Mueller is exonerating him from wrong doing.

Mr. Mueller, Bob, have you forgotten that American people don't don't follow main stream news and not to mention read books? More than half of Congress by their own admission still didn't read your Report. Check dictionary definition of oxymoron and you'll find "Americans + Books". If you think they are waiting for "The Report" movie, then think again. They won't watch it because in the age of social media the only thing that would make them to paying attention to what you're having to say to Nadler and others, is wide TV screen.

If you want to wake up Congress, then get your ass to Nadler's committee or any committee hearing where you will have 70% of Americans absorb every word you will to say. If your want you can read for them word by word whatever you have concluded in your own report and only then, maybe, they will tell useless Democrats and corrupted Republicans "enough is enough and either you do something or we'll do you next election".

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