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#1 Fox News barking

Postby fastreplies » Fri Mar 25, 2016 7:34 pm

Watching new Fox News (sorry) and listen to a bunch of brainless imbeciles barking:
after attack in Belgium Obama should leave Cuba get on the plane and go back to US

Okay freaking morons, he's BACK to US, BACK to America, BACK to his oval office to do what?
I was waiting at least some of cockroaches would come up with some suggestion that would
charge something, anything, a little bits like: Obama should wear camouflage, grab machine-gun,
jump in a Jeep and single single-handedly attack Raqqa so there would be ISIS no more.

So, Fox News idiots, we are waiting for your stupid advices, what better than watching
baseball or dance Tango President Obama could do?


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