Donald Trump - Genuine Snake Oil

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#1 Donald Trump - Genuine Snake Oil

Postby kuhl » Mon May 09, 2016 2:27 pm

This is exactly who insane Pathological Liar Donald Trump was, is and always going to be quality Trump have inherited from his hellish cousin.

I don't believe that Americans are desperate and misguided by the Government victims but a nation of stupid savages who would buy snake oil no questions asked and specially when it's sold by super professional salesman like a lying pig Donald "Snake" Trump.

Snake oil salesmen not new to the U.S. stupid people market for centuries, selling to them fantastical promises their audience wants to hear including lies and deceit as long they can make the sale making sure they are the loudest lies and their "trust me" promises overly outrageous to make sure outshouting opposition will work.

Fucking piece of shit Snake Oil salesman Trump is playing game "The Price is Right" where Carnival Barker's end goal is to screw brainless and because in insane Donald's America there is no shortage of morons, he have no problems with generating endless line of "give it to me mister" buyers.
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