Donald Trump - Borderline Insane

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#1 Donald Trump - Borderline Insane

Postby kuhl » Wed May 18, 2016 4:41 pm

The Verdict Is In...
Pathological Liar Donald Trump is undoubtedly Borderline Insane

Only one month ago Insane lying Donald Trump could pass for degenerative imbecile, an Idiot with capital "I", unstable psychopath, demented childish man but now there is no doubt in anyone who are using their brains and in sober state of mind... Donald Trump is insane.

Do I need any proof?
Well, see for yourselves

So Mr. and Mrs. America are you going to take your chance and move maniac from asylum's padded room to Oval Office or will try to use whatever little you have left in yours empty heads and safe world for your children?
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