Bernie - Worlds Best Snake Oil Salesman

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#1 Bernie - Worlds Best Snake Oil Salesman

Postby kuhl » Mon Feb 24, 2020 6:33 pm

Bernie - Worlds Best Snake Oil Salesman
and if you ask me what about lying Donald Trump? Well, Donny is amateur when it comes to brainwashing only top of the line con artists on Bernie's level are capable to do.

When 60 Minutes ask Bernie how he is planing to pay for his con "free medicare for all", "free education" and now new gimmick - "free child care plan for preschoolers" Bernie gave his song and dance answer - rich will pay.

Really Bernie, rich will pay? Why don't you start telling the truth so your intellectually deprived followers learn that they are going to pay taxes in amounts they can't even imagine at this point. Yes Bernie, tell them that Canadians and others are paying for their free medicare every pay check and in addition their employers are paying matching amounts. Tell them Bernie that you are selling another version of Border Wall and that they are going to pay for it.

What about education and preschoolers, who is going to pay Universities, Collages and schools skies rocketing cost? Oh wait, I know that one. Rich, they can afford to pay. Maybe if you ignore the facts like for example: if you confiscate every last dollar from every billionaire, millionaire, middle class and working folks, you Bernie will generate around 3 trillions dollars the amount you would need to pay for 1 year of your wet dreams. But what are you going to do next year?

Let's say Americans stupid enough to elect you, keep House and gain Senate. Do you really believe that after selling Alaska back to Russians, Democrat would waste another 3 trillion or more dollars and give it to you just like that? What would you have to sell next, Texas, California, New York? Where are you going to get money to keep your promises you so cavalier throwing to your crowd of people who can't ask themselves one simple question - Am I a sucker?

100+ years ago in Russia another socialist snake oil salesman Vladimir Lenin made the same promises and today we all know how it ends.
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#2 Re: Bernie - Worlds Best Snake Oil Salesman

Postby Matthewfaw » Tue Feb 25, 2020 1:49 pm

After 4 years of Trump's merciless lies American become so tolerant to another politician's lies, they just stop care who is lying as long poisoned medicine they are getting is taste better and fed to them by someone who looks and sounds like their own grandfather.

What I can't grasp is why Democrat so eager to support someone who doesn't have allegiance to their party, who doesn't have any loyalty to basic principals and loyalty to Democratic platform and why nobody would insist Bernie become full pledged member of Democratic Party?

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